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Ok Pool Reform

Swimming pool reform price with modern designs of reinforced laminate

Modern pool designs: gallery with all the photos of the CGT Alkor reinforced pool liner color ranges and models.

Swimming pool reform price with modern designs of reinforced laminate

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liner pool repair

Used swimming pool renovation system: The guarantee of a world leader

CGT is the world's leading producer of coatings such as the PVC membrane (Liner) for swimming pools.

Pool reform price with Pool Liner

Reinforced sheets for swimming pools

ALL the INFO about reinforced sheets for swimming pools CGT Alkor

Pool designs: Color for your reform with pool liner

Refurbish your pool with the color of the reinforced liner

exclusive pool liner

Exclusive pool liners

unicolor pool liner

Pool Liner Unicolor

reinforced liner Elbe imitation tile

Non-slip pool tile liner

Trends and factors to consider in modern pool renovation designs

pool designs

Trends and factors to consider in pool and garden designs

Reform patio with pool

patio reform with pool

At Ok Reforma Piscina we care about aesthetics, pool design and above all that you are satisfied with the finishes.

To begin with, we know how important it is for you to invest in a swimming pool and garden design that is completely personalized to your taste and that fully responds to the aesthetic complement adapted to your environment so that you can make your ideal pool a reality in your own home. For this reason, you will find multiple tips and tricks in the reform of the patio with swimming pool.

Our ADVANTAGES: Much more than a swimming pool liner

swimming pool reform guarantee

Quick and clean waterproofing of your pool.

Number 1 in Spain! More than 10.000 swimming pools renovated in the last 10 years.

Benefits of waterproofing with our thermo welded pool liner

First of all, it should be mentioned that the best coating for waterproofing is the CGT Alkor reinforced sheet for swimming pools, since it is the best result for the construction and repair of swimming pools of any shape or any size.

reform swimming pool
reform swimming pool
  1. Quick renewal: A clean and hassle-free installation for your family.
  2. Economical price: Your pool like new at a reasonable cost.
  3. Guaranteed result:15-year written guarantee on waterproofing.
  4. Easy maintenance and cleaning: No need to repaint or replace ceramic pieces.
  5. Maximum comfort: A comfortable surface to play hours in the pool.
  6. Hygiene: Delays the appearance of algae, fungi and bacteria.
  7. for any pool: Whatever size or shape it is.
  8. Wide variety of designs: Plain, patterned, pearled, textured.
renovate swimming pool

Reform swimming pool: Repair, renovation and waterproofing of swimming pools

pool liner installation

CHow we work to reform the pool

Installation without heavy works, easy maintenance and great durability.

Reinforced PVC sheet for repairing swimming pools with leaks, cracks and detachments.

CHow we work to reform the pool with armed liner

install reinforced sheet pool

Install reinforced pool sheet

quality liner pool elbe
Pool repair with thermo-welded reinforced liner with a 15-year guarantee and German quality

Methods for liner installation with modern pool designs

  1. We must check the structural resistance from the pool. The glass must guarantee that it can contain the tons of water in the pool without breaking.
  2. We must check the tightness of the hydraulic circuit. A pressure test is performed on each pipe to see if it is leaking. The internal accessories of the vessel are reviewed, such as skimmers, lights, nozzles, etc. to see if the joints and elements are in good condition.
  3. A reinforced PVC sheet is installed on the entire surface of the pool (floor and walls) in order to guarantee the waterproofing of swimming pools for 15 years.

SATISFIED clients in pool renovation projects

Our pool renovation work

Before and after the change of reforming old swimming pool with reinforced lamina

Comprehensive pool reform with armed liner

swimming pool waterproofing

Before Pool Liner Reform

gre 610x375x120 pool liner

After Pool Liner Reform

Leroy Merlin Pool Leak Sealer

Before Pool Liner Reform

cheap pool liner

After Pool Liner Reform

pool liner leroy merlin

Before Pool Liner Reform

price m2 reinforced sheet for swimming pools

After Pool Liner Reform

Pool liner Customer reviews

Renovate swimming pool opinions

gallery of modern pool designs
gallery of modern pool designs

Ok Pool Reform is a serious, professional, clean and very fast company.

David Gallardo d'Arenys de Mar

They are very professional, I had thought about burying my pool because I could no longer find any solution. Ok Pool Reform has left me completely renovated and without losses.

Jose Ramirez de Vallirana

I have been very satisfied when renovating the pool, they have installed a reinforced sheet in my white pool.

Maria Pilar Ferrer of Vallorguina

They are a great team, the price of pool liner is very good for the great quality they offer.

Pere Dalmau of Girona

Pool reform price

pools and renovations

Thinking of swimming pools and reforms?

Contact us and tell us about your case. We will solve your doubts with total confidence.

You can trust us, Experts in private and public pool renovation pools with armed pool liner.

And, in addition, we are endorsed by the experience over 22 years in pool reform and installation of QUALITY pool reinforced laminate. Likewise, For us, when renovating swimming pools, the proximity factor is very important.

Get a fair pool renovation price with guaranteed quality.

swimming pool renovation price

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Pool Maintenance Blog

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