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POOL REPAIR with Pool Liner

liner pool repair
Pool liner installers
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Ok Solutions Pool Reform in pool repair: pool liner installers

Refurbish pool: Lining the pool con armed liner

Pool liner Black marble
  • First of all, comment that one of the solutions for swimming pools that we can offer you in the repair of swimming pools is the installation or change of our reinforced liner for swimming pools, which is our product par excellence in the rehabilitation of swimming pools.
  • In addition, you have multiple pool designs to choose from with many varieties of ranges, colors, textures….
  • Because we offer a custom pool liner (This is the case of rectangular pool liner, round pool liner, pool liner, removable pool liner….).

Coating with reinforced liner for swimming pools

The pool liner It is a type of coating made up of a flexible membrane (tarpaulin for waterproofing swimming pools) intended for the repair of swimming pools, and made with plasticized polyvinyl chloride (PVC-P) with an internal polyester mesh. 

Pool repair with thermo-welded reinforced liner with 15 years warranty

quality liner pool elbe
Pool repair with thermo-welded reinforced liner with a 15-year guarantee and German quality

La pool repair and waterproofing with armored liner thermo welded pool is best solution for lining the inside of the glass.

In this way, you will end up with water leaks in the pool, cracks and detachments or you will simply leave your pool like new.

Before and after changing the reinforced liner

swimming pool waterproofing

Before Pool Liner Reform

gre 610x375x120 pool liner

After Pool Liner Reform

Leroy Merlin Pool Leak Sealer

Before Pool Liner Reform

cheap pool liner

After Pool Liner Reform

pool liner leroy merlin

Before Pool Liner Reform

price m2 reinforced sheet for swimming pools

After Pool Liner Reform

Pool liner Customer reviews

Ok Pool Reform is a serious, professional, clean and very fast company.

David Gallardo d'Arenys de Mar

They are very professional, I had thought about burying my pool because I could no longer find any solution. Ok Pool Reform has left me completely renovated and without losses.

Jose Ramirez de Vallirana

I have been very satisfied when renovating the pool, they have installed a reinforced sheet in my white pool.

Maria Pilar Ferrer of Vallorguina

They are a great team, the price of pool liner is very good for the great quality they offer.

Pere Dalmau of Girona

Pool liner color

swimming pool repair

Multiple possibilities for lining our pool liner models

liners elbe blue line

STOP Water leaks in swimming pools / hydraulic pipes

PVC pool pipes
  • At Ok Pool Reform, as experts, we know that one of the main concerns about swimming pools is about: Main causes of water leaks in swimming pools.

STOP leak in pool

Water leaks in swimming pools

Trends in Pool Designs

design pools and gardens

Pool filtration

Swimming Pool Treatment Plant

Elements for the correct filtration of the pool water.

Pool equipment

Pool cleaners which one to buy

Pool covers

Pool heating

Tip: Construction ladder

construction pool ladder

Pool accessories

Swimming pool deck lighting with submersible spotlight
  • In addition, you have the option of making any type of change of pool accessoriesFor example: skimmer, nozzles, sump, spotlights. etc.

Clean, disinfect and maintain the pool

Pool water disinfection treatment

What is pool pH

Pool chemicals

Maintain the pool water

Clean the pool

Take care of them Floors for swimming pools

swimming pool floors
  • Finally, we make the change of Floors for swimming pools and pool edges (coronation stone); All our models comply with the regulations for public swimming pools with grade 3 non-slip flooring and treated against ultraviolet rays (UVR).

Do not play with what is important: Pool Safety

Pool Safety Fence

You never play with the safety of people, so never economize on the investment of the exterior of the pool.

Improve pool consumption

pool electricity consumption rates

Who are we y Contact Ok Pool Reform

Who we are Ok Pool Reform

You can trust us, we are experts in the reform of private swimming pools, repair of public swimming pools and sale of liner for swimming pools.

And, in addition, we are endorsed by the experience over 22 years in pool reform and installation of QUALITY pool reinforced laminate.

Likewise, For us, when renovating swimming pools, the proximity factor is very important.

Visit and free personalized quote without obligation

We visit, advise and make a personalized free estimate with professionalism, experience and a no-obligation guarantee.

contact liner pools

In conclusion, do not hesitate to discover who are we y contact usto perform any type of query!

You can ask us about: Pool liner price, price m2 reinforced sheet for pools, price to repair pool liner or any matter related to reforming a pool ...

Addresses the pool concept:

pool liner


Pool Maintenance Blog

pool blog
  • Finally, if you visit our section Pool Maintenance Blog You can get advice that can facilitate your day-to-day life and clarify all kinds of doubts that may arise.
  • E.g.: You can find tips for the construction of pools, for the pool liner, to get ideas on pool designs, pool safety, information on pool leaks, also on pool maintenance, pool treatment, pool cleaning, pool equipment ... .

Pool Maintenance Blog: Last entries

fun and safe pool
  • How to clean the stone in the pool?
    Cleaning pool stone: Cleaning considerations for floors, different types of treatments with chemical and natural products, etc.
  • What is pool shock treatment?
    Pool shock treatment: entry in which we describe all aspects of shock chlorine: what is shock chlorine, types of shock chlorine (example: granulated fast chlorine), how and when to use it, why do you need fast chlorine, quantity to throw, etc.
  • Is the salt pool exempt from having green water?
    Green water salt pool: pools with saline chlorinator are not exempt from algae, learn to detect the types, prevent and eliminate. Algae are microscopic plants that can appear in the pool from natural elements, such as rain and wind, or they can also adhere to something as common as beach toys or bathing suits. The Salt Chlorinator if it works well and has the necessary amount of salt does not cause problems since it generates enough chlorine to keep the water in the correct condition
  • Why does algae appear in the pool? How to prevent it and how to eliminate it
    Why does algae appear in the pool and how to prevent it? Know the causes of why algae appear in the pool, types of algae according to their color to be able to treat them definitively and how to prevent the proliferation of algae.
  • Effects, measurement, treatments and removal of limescale in the pool
    Lime effects in the pool: combat its consequence, make cleaning, maintenance of the installation and water treatment more difficult.

    The amount of calcium and magnesium present in water is called “hardness of water"

    That is, the hardness of the water is the concentration of mineral compounds in the water, mainly magnesium and calcium, therefore the agglomeration of alkaline salts.

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